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Whether you are searching for a new job or trying to meet the requirements of an existing position, passing an employment physical is a common requirement. For New York City residents of Forest Hills, Queens, Ida Tetro, MD, DO, and her team at 112 GVR Medical P.C. offer comprehensive employment physicals to help you meet the requirements of a new or existing position. Call the office today to book a visit, or spend a few moments using the online scheduling tool.

Employment Physicals Q & A

What are employment physicals?

Employment physicals are a type of physical exam done at the request of your current or prospective employer. There are many reasons why an employer might ask for an employment physical, but one of the most common is to determine if a candidate has the physical fitness needed to perform his or her job duties.

First responders, including firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and police officers, are often required to complete an employment physical. Commercial trucking and transportation workers are also commonly asked to complete employment physicals.

What happens during an employment physical?

An employment physical is similar to the process of getting a routine annual physical exam. Dr. Tetro begins by discussing your personal and family health histories.

She then gathers information about your height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and breathing. If specific ability and stamina testing are required, she’ll ask you to do certain things like lifting a weight or demonstrating balance, strength, and/or flexibility.

Your doctor will likely ask you about your mental health. Dr. Tetro might ask you about your sleep habits, if you’ve ever suffered from anxiety or depression, as well as about other aspects of your emotional health.

How can I prepare for my employment physical?

The most important step you can take to prepare for your employment physical is to gather information about your health history. Be sure to bring an updated copy of your immunization records. Providing accurate details about current or past health issues gives Dr. Tetro the information she needs to complete a thorough employment physical.

You should also bring in a list of all medications and supplements you’re currently taking. This list can be especially important if a drug screening is part of the process since drug screenings detect certain prescription drugs present in your system.

Will a drug screening be part of my employment physical?

Some employers ask for a drug screening as part of the employment physical. A drug screening is done using a urine sample in the office. The paperwork provided by your current or prospective employer will list the need for a drug screening if that is a required part of the exam.

Employers can also request a stand-alone drug screening appointment on a random basis. Drug screening is a standard part of the follow-up after a workplace injury or accident or if any concerns arise about drug abuse among a company’s employees.

If you find yourself in need of an employment physical, call the office today to schedule a visit. Online booking is also available and allows you to book an appointment from home at any time, day or night.